Free Watch Inglourious Basterds 1280p 720p(hd) imdb tt0361748 no login

Cast Diane Kruger
genre War, Adventure
release Year 2009
Runtime 153 Minutes
writers Quentin Tarantino

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OMG I just watched the worst movie in the history. the main character in this movie is a Jew girl who runs away from the Germans when they kill her family and she ends up getting revenge (by killing Hitler) that is the whole story. now there is a side story that has nothing to do with the plot which is the Inglourious Basterds, well they have there own plan to kill Hitler but she kills him first. frankly the movie was named after them while in fact you can remove them from the movie and no one would feel (but you will end up with 10 mins long movie) anyway i forgot to tell you about the boooooooooring conversations.

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This film is terrible. Half the cinemá left before the end, and I wish I had but I want more than my money back, I want compensation as well as the lost time added to my life. Tarrintino you are a hack, you have done nothing worth while since pulp fiction and reservoir dogs, go home and give up. Myself and many other will never even consider seeing any of your movies again. Don’t see this, you will get more enjoyment shaving with sand paper
The plot: Thin and poor Comedy: hardly, stupid childish crap entertaining to the mental age of 3 Action: not at all, basic poorly executed violence. Storyline: Must have got up and walked out to.
I can believe I am even taking the time to comment on this movie, its that poor it doesn’t even deserve my time.

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