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  2. Star=Emile Hirsch
  3. user ratings=8,4 of 10
  4. directed by=Quentin Tarantino
  5. genres=Drama

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My review of Tarantino films in general would be biased because of my love for mise-en-scene presented in his films & his typical usage of an incredible soundtrack. The cinematography tells the story, the dialogue is always crafty, the lighting perfect, and the shots cover almost every classic Hollywood genre, sub genre, and classically biased motif. You feel like you’re in the sixties. Isn’t that what an escape is supposed be? The question I would propose to you, the audience, is this: Did the ending necessarily dictate the middle? The beginning? Moreover, does it matter? Just “Buy the ticket and take the ride. H.S.T)
Sometimes that’s all you need to appreciate film. Sometimes, it’s just ok to be satisfied with being in the world at a certain moment and letting moments in film guide you. If you can’t blend fact with fiction in a film and stay true to the appreciation of escapism, why bother making films to begin with? I believe in time, audiences will look back and appreciate films like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and long for the originality it offered its audience. 10/10.

Never seen a film like it. It manages to tell a story without telling one. The chemistry between Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio was phonemenal. I could not recommend this film highly enough.
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